About Us

This humble little project is birthed with 2 simple ideas through arts & crafts

~ bringing therapeutic healing to each soul;

~ bringing people together 

Be it dessert art, cake art, chocolate art, paper craft, visual arts, the list goes on.

We do not compromise but aim to selectively bring us instructors from among the best. Bringing to us the best knowledge, hands-on skills, tips and tricks of arts. Thus, you do not see us jamming the year with workshops as we are fussy with our selections.

Join us in this journey. Enjoy each other’s fun and laughter! Believe us, you will find that your soul will be filled with joy too. Get your hands moving and you will have a whole new discovery journey. 

Let us come together to share our love of arts and crafts together. Be it edible arts or crafts for leisure, it is a community of passion and love for the beautiful colours of life!

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